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Ducted Heat Pump Installation in Fredericton and New Brunswick

Lower costs, built-in backup, cooling in the summer and space savings are just few reasons why homeowners in New Brunswick choose ducted heat pumps. If you're currently using a forced-air furnace, a heat pump can help you use your existing central duct system more efficiently.

Carrier Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are able to heat, cool and dehumidify your home. Take a look at the following Carrier heat pumps that are offered by BG Services.


Experience precise heating and cooling, comfort and energy efficiency with this quiet option.

  • INFINITY 20 | 20.5 SEER/13 HSPF


This series provides superior comfort and a quiet performance for both heating and cooling.

  • INFINITY 16 | 17.5 SEER/9.5 HSPF
  • INFINITY 15 25HNB5 | 16 SEER/8.5 HSPF


From performance to flexibility to efficiency, this series of heat pumps has it all.

  • PERFORMANCE 16 | 17.5 SEER/9.5 HSPF

Why Choose a Ducted Air-to-Air Heat Pump?

  • Money savings:Using a ducted heat pump will cost you less than heating with an oil-forced furnace. Instead of using electricity to heat the air, heat pumps extract warm air from the outside and pump it inside of your home.
  • Added security:With built-in emergency backup heating systems, ducted systems will keep your home warm even if the temperature drops below -15°C.
  • Small unit:Save space in your furnace room by replacing the bulky furnace with a small ducted heat pump!
  • Heating and cooling:Just like ductless models, air-to-air ducted heat pumps will keep your house warm in the winter and nice and cool in the summer.


The AIRMAX line of combo air handlers is specifically designed for use in residential combination space and water heating systems. Combo heating systems use the home's water heater or boiler to provide both the space heating and domestic hot water, eliminating the need for a furnace.

We provide you with the quietest operating air handler available. By using large-capacity, high-output heating coils, this product delivers more heating per volume of air than any of the other competitors, which means warmer delivered air temperatures. The blower fans are also the widest available in their size range, which translates into slower fan speeds to deliver the same amount of air. All these features add up to warmer, more comfortable air, quiet operation, and a satisfied customer.

Benefits of the AIRMAX Mini Duct Systems

  • Vents can be located in low-traffic areas on the floor, walls, ceiling, or in a kick space
  • Small-diameter supply ducts eliminate the need for large sheet metal ducting and allow smaller bulkheads
  • Can be installed in existing structures with minimal structural changes
  • Provides a quiet, draft-free environment

AIRMAX Mini Duct System Applications

  • Retrofit construction to add heating, cooling, humidification or filtration to a building
  • New construction to deliver air throughout the entire building envelope (e.g. services 3-story townhouses more effectively than conventional furnaces)
  • New and retrofit construction to reduce bulkhead sizes required for ductwork

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To arrange an assessment of your heating or cooling system, please fill out the home assessment request form and we will respond as soon as possible. To view some of our recent installs, please like our Facebook page.

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