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Q: How do you properly clear snow and freezing rain from an outdoor ductless split unit?

A: First; make sure you shut off all the power from either the Breaker or the Outdoor Disconnect to unit, pour warm water over unit. There should be NO tools used on unit to remove snow or freezing rain, for example an ice pick, shovel etc.

Q: Where should an indoor unit be installed throughout a home and is the location that important?

A: Location is key - If you place an indoor unit in a narrow or small area in your home, air has no room to escape which allows the sensors to believe that the air is at set temperature and will cycle off. It is important to install an indoor unit in an unobstructed area of your home for best air circulation.

Q: What is required to maintain superior performance of a ductless split heat pump.

A: Filters should be cleaned once every 2 months, and maintenance done annually by a certified technician.

Q: Snow is coming, do you have to keep an outdoor unit clear of snow in order for it to perform to its potential?

A: Yes/No, with a good unit it should have a pan heater and auto defrost, that should keep it clean but it should be checked after major snow or freezing rain falls.

Q: How do you determine a reputable contractor?

A: Better Business Bureau has rates & reviews on companies & contractors to help you find the right contractor.

Q: What should customers be asking when looking for a heat pump?

A: Customers should ask for references of previous customers, temperature ratings of the different heat pumps offered so the right unit is purchased, that meets their expectations.

Q: Why might a heat pump that is newly installed and rated well not produce as expected?

A: The installation placement and charging of the system may not have been done correctly. This is why finding an A+ Rated Contractor is so important.

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